9 Ways to Use Blackcurrants

I love blackcurrants. I only know this because we have a couple bushes that were planted around the yard a number of years ago. Every summer I can happily stuff my face with these rich, tart berries by the handful. Thankfully, they’re also ridiculously healthy.

Ideas for delicious ways to use blackcurrants and links to simple and tasty recipes.
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Still, I have never done anything with blackcurrants besides, well, stand outside and eat them. In North America these types of berries are not commonly used, although there are no reasons why they shouldn’t be. I’ve decided this is the year to make something of our blackcurrants. Here are some ideas that I’ve found, both the typical and the unexpected. All I know is that every single one looks delicious.

Ways to Use Blackcurrants

1. Blackcurrant ice cream

7 Ways to Use Blackcurrants. This easy no-churn ice cream is one tasty way to use blackcurrants.
Photo by The Blackcurrant Foundation

Here is a simple, four-ingredient recipe for no-churn blackcurrant ice cream. Heavy cream, Greek yogurt, and granulated sugar are the only additional ingredients that are required for a tasty treat. Were you hoping for something a little fancier? This recipe requires an ice cream maker and a bit of commitment, but it looks downright delicious.

2. Blackcurrant cordial

Blackcurrant Cordial is one delightful way to use blackcurrants.
Photo by Recipes Made Easy

Even if you haven’t had (or don’t like) blackcurrants, you likely have enjoyed Ribena at one point or another. Maybe it’s because I’m half British, but this brand-name drink is a favourite of mine. I like this recipe for blackcurrant syrup (cordial) because the only ingredients besides blackcurrants are water, lemon juice, and sugar. If you just want to view the recipe than scroll to the bottom of the post. This is on the top of my list for this season.

3. Blackcurrant compote

7 Ways to Use Blackcurrants. Blackcurrant compote on this gorgeous breakfast bowl is one delicious option.
Photo by Blissful Basil

I hardly think you need a recipe for a compote, but here is a gorgeous breakfast bowl. The included blackcurrant compote adds only a little water and some maple syrup for a bit of sweetness. You can also do an unsweetened currant reduction that goes brilliantly with meats.

4. Blackcurrant jam

7 Ways to Use Blackcurrants. Jam is one delicious option for these tart and tasty berries.
Photo by Good Food, Shared

Well, duh. What would this list be without blackcurrant jam? It is basically a compote, actually. However, this recipe uses lemon juice as well. Here is another version that includes butter and can be preserved in the freezer or devoured right away.

If you’re new to canning, be sure to check out Canning for Beginners: What to Know to Get Started

5. Blackcurrants in baking

7 Ways to Use Blackcurrants. I love baking with blackcurrants, but that is only one option for these delicious small fruits.
Photo by Small Wallet Big Appetite

I can’t narrow this recommendation down to one recipe. If you can use berries in any baking item it can be made with blackcurrants as well. Brownies? Muffins? Pavlova? Your imagination is the only limitation.

6. Black Mead

7 Ways to Use Blackcurrants. Black mead is one unexpected suggestion.

So, melomel is apparently a name for a mead that is made using honey and fruit. Did you know this? If you’re interested check out this helpful post. There is information on lots of different kinds of melomels, including currant. I’d also like to read this book on Making Mead.

7. Blackcurrant tea

7 Ways to Use Blackcurrants. Tea is one cozy idea in this tasty round up.

Tea and currents… Sounds like a good mix to me. This article tells how to use dried currants in tea, but also mentions how to use the blackcurrant leaves for the same application. There is also a lot of information about some of the health benefits of these berries.

8. Blackcurrant Curd

Blackcurrant curd is one delicious option for those who are looking for ways to use blackcurrants.
Photo by Only Crumbs Remain

Who doesn’t like a good fruit curd? Don’t count me among their ranks! I simply love it. Usually I stick with a lemon curd, but why not add the depth of blackcurrant flavor? This delightful recipe includes corn flour, which helps keep the mixture from splitting.

9. Beetroot and Blackcurrant Energy Bars

These black currant beetroot bars are a wonderful way to meal prep a healthy breakfast bar.
Photo by The Veg Space

I came across this recipe while perusing Pinterest (find my boards here). Breakfast-type bars are a favourite of mine, and the colour on these is just so pretty. I also love that the recipe includes beets. I’m intrigued to try it out and see how it all comes together.

So, however you feel about blackcurrants straight of the bush, there are no excuses not to try a delectable new recipe of method of preparation. These ways to use blackcurrants are a fantastic place to start. Which do you think you’ll try first?

5 thoughts on “9 Ways to Use Blackcurrants”

  1. Great timing! A neighbor with a bumper crop of black currants is away and I was trying to figure out what to do besides stand at the bushes and eat them, too! (I confess, they’re not my favorite small fruit for fresh eating 🙂 I’ve whirred a few into smoothies, but maybe I’ll see about tea and some other of your ideas.

    I lived in England for a year, and black currant is a super-popular flavor there. I drank a lot of black currant tea that year. They’re also hugely popular for candy flavoring, so I wonder if a home-made gummy recipe could be adapted to use black currants for a similar, but healthier, black currant chew experience?

    Thanks for a great post!

    1. What fun! I wish I had access to more, although I recently learned we also have redcurrants tucked in the back of a garden bed. You’re right about the gummy… I had forgotten about them!

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