10 Unique Winter Date Ideas for Country Couples. These fun ideas promise to add some connection to your relationship over the cold season.

10 Unique Winter Date Ideas for Country Couples

Back when we were dating my now-husband warned me early on that he didn’t believe in celebrating Valentines Day. It wasn’t a big deal to me. However, February is also my least favourite month. It’s cold and dreary, and I’m always glad it’s the shortest […]

What should you bring for backpack travel with kids? An experienced traveller and parent breaks down her list as she heads out on a trip with her toddler.

Our List for Travel with Kids

I’m learning that nothing sets off a shopping spree like planning to travel with kids. Mr. M. and I have recently booked a trip overseas with BamBam, who is one and a half. Infants under age two can fly without the purchase of an additional ticket, […]

How we limit technology for our toddler

Why (and How) We Keep Technology From Our Toddler

We get different reactions to the idea that we don’t allow our one year old to have screen time. Younger people sometimes roll their eyes. Older adults who didn’t have to raise their kids with the complication of limitless technology cheer us on. The most […]

June in Review + July Goals on the Homestead.

Live Where You Love

I live near the place I grew up. It makes a clichéd sort of sense—the farm kid who grew up, got married, started a family, and settled in down the road. There is a certain comfort, a cozy security to that thought. But in my […]

Spend Less, Live More

Spend Less, Live More

Spend less than you earn. It’s a popular mantra, and for good reason. But I think many of us look at the (seemingly simple) equation and try to figure out how we can ramp up the earning variable. I have never focused my life and goals […]