Roots Run Deep

MarigoldMy husband and I were married on the back of this property. Even then, we both knew we wanted to make this neighbourhood home, but we went on to start our life together in a nearby city. I was writing for lifestyle magazines and he was going to school.

While I enjoyed the (somewhat) creative challenge of churning out articles along with talking to people from all walks of life, long hours in a bland cubicle beneath fluorescent lights did not feel like the life I was called to.

Baby girl and MotherWhen our baby girl was born two and a half years later it was time to come back. Together, Mr. M. and I have decided that we want a life that is about relationships, faith, food, treading gently, and living well.

When I left the office for maternity leave I began to want a place to share our journey as I raise my family on the farm. I’m proud to bring you Growing Wild Roots.

We’re not starting from scratch. I grew up nearby—My parents still live there and have poured their lives into this little bit of land. Turns out that roots run deep. Now we grow our fruit and vegetables while keeping cattle for both dairy and beef. We also raise chickens, sheep and ducks. Although we do have honeybees, I would not yet count them among our successful endeavors just yet.

Growing Wild Roots is about coming back to self sufficiency. It’s about this new adventure of sustainability and farming and raising a family of my own.


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