May in Review + June Goals on the Homestead

As my fellow farmers will know, things get crazy once the seeds hit the soil. Our garden is in full bloom. We have greens for the farmers market every week. Other fresh bounty I’ve enjoyed this month has included rhubarb, strawberries, herbs, and asparagus.

May in Review + June Goals on the Homestead
The market garden now.

Right now we’re planting our corn outdoors, drinking strawberry kombucha, weeding, and working the farmers market every week.

Highlights of the month:

Visiting with my sister, who is here from Ontario
Fresh strawberries with my toddler
Celebrating our May long weekend (Victoria Day in Canada) with extended family
A month with Mr. M done school
New room mates

Biggest challenge of the month:

Time. I feel, especially at the end of this month, that we are chronically behind on everything. The garden is actually at the back burner as we deal with other things and everything is lacking. My writing (freelance and blog) has suffered. But, it is nice to make progress on some of the other projects we have in the works.

June threatens to be just as busy, but with mostly good things. I’m looking forward to meeting my first niece/nephew. I am thrilled to be going to the Mother Earth News Fair this month. A big job in May was cleaning up a property we own in prep for new tenants. We now have all our things in one place, but they need organizing. I am a pretty poor minimalist.

June goals on the homestead:

Have everything planted (carrots and pickling cukes remaining)
Make strawberry jam
Make pickeled garlic scapes
Hatch a batch of ducklings
Share some new-gained knowledge from Mother Earth News Fair with my readers

Some things I found worth reading this month:

Lemon-Balm-Andrea_44-min7 Remedies from Your Yard: I love this list from Susannah at HealthyGreenSavvy. I have ready access to most of theherbs/plants in this post. Herbs are not my strong point, but I’d love to learn more. This piece lays out some of the simple health benefits of common herbs and even a few “weeds.”

How to Make Kefir

How to Make Kefir: A Healthy Probiotic Drink: While I make a lot of kombucha, I haven’t yet delved into the benefits of kefir. Our milk cow is dry at the moment, but I can’t wait to give this a try once she freshens. I did try drinking kefir while I was pregnant (because of the huge benefits!), but didn’t find it tasty enough to stick with it. However,  I since had kefir popsicles with fruit and even my little girl devoured them. So this will happen.

Infused-Water12 Detoxifying Infused Water Combinations: One of the best things I’ve done (for my wallet and my blood sugar) is replaced fruit juice. Pop (soda) is even worse… But you already know that. Infusing water is one good replacement (in addition to that kombucha and kefir).

What are you looking forward to over the next month? What great resources do you have to share? Let me know it the comments (I will check them out!).

Pin:We've had a busy month on the homestead and, with lots of June goals, we're looking forward to a growing summer.

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  1. It’s certainly a busy time of the year. Gotta say – DANG your garden is amazing! Love it.

    (hope you don’t mind my leaving a comment here…) Just dropped by to let you know the blog post listing over 30 great homesteading/simple living sites (including yours!) sorted by state has been published. What a great resource for all our readers! I’m hoping all the blogs included on this list will share it on their site too for their readers to enjoy, as well as sharing on social media. Here’s the link –> Thanks!

    ~Taylor-Made Homestead~

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