Homestead Kitchen Wish List: Part 2

Once upon a time I wrote my Homestead Kitchen Wish List and posted it up. Since then it has consistently been a favourite here on the blog.

A Homestead Kitchen Wish List. Here are the things I would love to add to my country kitchen next.

While reviewing my post recently, I realized that I have acquired four of the seven items I was after. I even have a new kitchen! (Although this one is a marked step down from my last kitchen. I’ll share some of our eventual changes when we have the time and budget for the reno.)

With that in mind, I’d like to offer you my new and updated kitchen wish list. But first, here’s how I feel about the items I’ve added to my kitchen since my last post. Some of the links in this article are affiliate, which means I may earn a small commission on the items I’ve featured at no extra cost to you.

Reviews from my previous Homestead Kitchen Wish List

The purchase I use most that was featured on my previous list are my stainless steel cups. In fact, we have been so pleased with them that we have purchased another set, as well as some smaller 8 oz ones. For kids I would rate these as irreplaceable. But, even for adults, these are fabulous everyday cups that go the mile.

My Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving is also on heavy rotation, especially during summer and harvest. In fact, I rave about it in Canning Tips for Beginners and 5 Reasons to Choose Canning. If you preserve, this is the book to own.

On the subject, I have also procured an All American Pressure Canner. Mine is over half a century old. If anything, it’s age is a testament to what fine pieces of equipment these are. I love not worrying about a gasket with the metal-on-metal design and clamps.

Finally, I have Bosch mixer. Again, mine is older but still functions well. I have found that it doesn’t necessarily replace a Kitchenaid, although I don’t have the various attachments. Ours is used nearly every week in mixing large batches of bread. Our roommates also have a blender for theirs. The jug is not perfectly designed, but the blender works long hard hours. The durable motor of the Bosch is really what makes it a staple.

Amazon is not the place to buy a Bosch, so visit the Bosch website if you’re interested.

A new homestead kitchen wishlist

I have not been compensated for choosing these products. I would just love to have them in my own kitchen. Let me know if you have any experience or recommendations with the items on this kitchen wishlist!

An Excalibur Dehydrator

Because, who doesn’t want an Excalibur Dehydrator? I have one of those horrid round white machines that can dehydrate greens, but I would really like a better quality one. My current roommate has a decent food dehydrator, as well as a solar dehydrator. They are operating a majority of the time when we have fruits and vegetables in season. I imagine when she moves out I will just have to upgrade.

A Wondermill Grain Mill

We have often been lucky to have roommates who bake the bread. And they bake really, really good bread using grain from our local organic grain growers. Of course, to do so you need to have your own way of milling the grain. The Wondermill tops many of the lists reviewing at-home grain mills and does indeed sound like a top-notch option for a time when I have to go down that road myself.

Unglazed Stoneware Everything

I have made slow but steady progress eliminating teflon from my kitchen. It is terrible stuff. I especially got on board after watching the film The Devil We Know. Anyway, one of the last bastions of rotten teflon in my home is a few baking pieces. I have one unglazed stoneware cookie sheet, but I long for muffin tins, bread pans, and pizza stones. Pampered Chef is the best-known company for quality unglazed stoneware. The pieces are not cheap, but they sure are fabulous. Now you know what to order next time you’re stuck at a party. You’re welcome.

Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal

I always want cookbooks. Odd Bits is particularly apt for a omnivore homestead kitchen. I have borrowed a copy from our local library, and it really is full of great information. If you practice home butchery, or even if you don’t, Odd Bits is a great book for moving towards nose-to-tail eating. We have dabbled in it, but this book could guide me into a deeper, tastier understanding of how to use the nutritious pieces of meat that are usually so casually thrown away.

At this writing it seems to be out of print. However, you can still get the Kindle version for a very reasonable price. Or maybe check out your own local library.

A Glazed Dutch Oven

I have got so many great cast iron items in my kitchen. Almost too many—is that a thing? I even have a beautiful cast iron dutch oven, which I love. And also a wok, which I also love. If I were to expand it any direction it would be a glazed Dutch oven. They look so beautiful and efficient. And it doesn’t even need to be a hefty-priced brand (I think we all know what I mean). A large one such as this would work great in my home.

A Berkey Water Filter

I’m cheating a little bit on this one, because I already have a Berkey water filter. However, it used to be very high up on my kitchen wish list. I rest assured knowing the Berkey is doing the work of cleaning all the chlorine, microplastics, and other chemical remnants from our drinking water. They are truly wonderful. Plus, you are supposed to use filtered water for your ferments, sourdough, cheesemaking, etc. So a Berkey is an obvious addition to the homestead kitchen.

They are expensive—at least the filters are. but they last a long time and I’ve never regretted mine at all.

Building Up a Homestead Kitchen Wish List

It actually doesn’t take a lot of fancy equipment to work with your own produce and basic real food. I’m so blessed to have a kitchen that is well stocked with everything I need to cook wholesome meals and preserve produce.

As a note, if you keep your eyes open at thrift stores or online buy and sells you can often build up some of your own splurge items for quite reasonable cost. Just last week I missed out on an Excalibur dehydrator that someone was selling for $25!

Whatever it is that you want to add to your kitchen, a little patience and/or saving towards a purchase can go a long way towards slowly stocking the homestead kitchen of your dreams.

What do you have on your kitchen wish list?

A Homestead Kitchen Wish List. Here are the things I would love to add to my country kitchen next.

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