Greenhouse Inspiration: A Beautiful Upcycled Project

When I came across photos exuding all this greenhouse inspiration I knew I had to share them here.

I have seen upcycled greenhouses before, but this one takes it to the next level. The owners—@therepurposedhomestead on Instagram—are my new favorite account to follow. They have been working on this greenhouse for seven weeks, with the intention of getting it ready for seedlings. As you an see in the photos, they have been successful.

Greenhouse inspiration: New life for old stuff

Although they’ve taken less than two months to get this gorgeous greenhouse to a usable stage, obtaining salvaged materials took many years. All the wood for this project was collected for free over a long period of time.

Many of the materials for this greenhouse came from a house that was a century and a half old. The owners felt a particular joy in salvaging pieces with history that would have otherwise ended up at a landfill. Instead, they found a new life in this stunning, functional garden. Talk about greenhouse inspiration!

Now that it is nearly completed, this project has cost approximately $1,300. The majority of this total was spent on roofing while paint and hardware made up the rest.

The floor itself took three days to paint. However, it makes a real focal point with the checkboard and stencil pattern. The stencil is repeated in other places throughout the design as well.

Working with what they had

Perhaps most surprising, the plans evolved as the greenhouse was built.

“Going in there really wasn’t a plan,” writes the owner on her Instagram. “The pergola porch was dreamed up after the greenhouse was finished. I spent days going around the farm looking at all the pieces we salvaged off the 1800’s home that I was keeping for the ‘perfect’ project, and at first I didn’t want to waste them on a ‘greenhouse’. I’m glad took a leap and incorporated all the tidbits I adore.”

Be sure to follow @therepurposedhomestead on Instagram for more greenhouse inspiration and to admire other chic upcycled projects.

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