After one month without buying any food or groceries we're reviewing our first month of the Pantry Challenge.

2023 Pantry Challenge: One Month in Review

We’re technically about halfway through the pantry challenge. We’re still going strong without grocery shopping. Here is how the first part of our 2023 Pantry Challenge has been.

Baby carriers have become a big part of our busy life. Here are the ones I've tried, and what I thought of them.

Baby Carrier Reviews: What We Use and Why

When I first had my first baby I tentatively stepped into babywearing. I hadn’t even heard that term before, and I certainly wasn’t acclimatized to attachment parenting. It turned out that my little girl loved being next to her mama and constantly in motion, so wearing her in a baby carrier was a natural fit.

For 2023 we are participating in the pantry challenge, which means we won't buy groceries this month. Here are our thoughts.

2023 Pantry Challenge: His and Her Viewpoints

Together we have decided to participate in a pantry challenge. This means we will be eating from our food storage, without buying groceries. Here is what we are thinking at he beginning of it all.

12 Free Gifts to Give as a Homesteader

12 Free Gifts to Give if You’re a Homesteader

Gifting can be overwhelming, I know. The culture we live in has created this expectation of giving—and buying—stuff all the time, at every turn. These ideas offer thoughtful ways to engage differently with the culture of presents.

There are many reasons to keep rabbits on the homestead. Read on to find out ten of the benefits of raising bunnies.

10 Reasons to Keep Rabbits on the Homestead

Although meat may be a top reason to keep rabbits on the homestead, there are plenty of other benefits to having these furry friends around. Here are 10 advantages to raising rabbits.

An assortment of tried-and-true summer vegetable recipes featuring veg from cabbage to tomatoes.

Summer Vegetable Recipes: Ways to Cook Garden Produce

The summer season is full to overflowing with the very best produce. I frequently fall back on a good stir-fry or curry. However, I really enjoy trying new and unique vegetable recipes that showcases produce. Here are 10 unexpected vegetable recipes that I have personally made again and again.