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Hello, and welcome! I’m Kris, writer and owner here at Growing Wild Roots. I’m also a mom to my country kids, a wife to my best friend, and the homemaker here on our little piece of property.

None of these things are identities that I thought I’d have. Although I grew up with back-to-the-basics type parents, I always thought my existence would be full of wanderlust and bright and foreign flavors. And it was, for a while. But when I met my husband and we made our babies we realized that the strong roots and the values of intentional rural life was how we wanted to raise our family.

Plus, I like good food. Like, I really like really good food. The kind that is plucked straight from the sunshine. Heirlooms and heritage breeds that are carefully raised for flavor, preserved by hand, and prepared from scratch at the kitchen counter.

I believe in good food—I believe in the health of it, the grubby work of it, and of showing my kids that there is more to real eating than a drive through and the supermarket flyer.

I also believe in the beauty of this creation—that we should take care where we can for the gift of this world. Oh, and that we can enjoy it. We can really, truly soak up our surroundings until we feel like we could burst.

There is beauty around me every day that knocks my breath away. The smile of a child collecting snail shells, the geometrical precision of honeycomb, the sweeping panorama of a mountainside… You catch my drift.


I’m excited you’re here to learn more about simple country living and the homestead journey.

I’d love for you to come along as we experiment our way through many of the aspects of growing an intentional life such as this.

Our small acreage truly provides a bounty. We have raised beef, ducks, chickens, rabbits, dairy, sheep, and honey, along with virtually all the fruit/vegetables that we eat throughout the year.

I often write the things we’ve learned about various aspects of homesteading or natural living. If you want to find out more about the growing or preparation of all that food you can visit the categories on gardening or let’s eat. And every now and then I post about parenting as we go along.


My goal is to share a spattering of the knowledge we’ve picked up, and to continue to learn as well.

A desire to find challenge was one of the reasons I started GWR. I also wanted to create content I believe in— that can steer others in the direction of quality living, healthy choices, and strong values.

When I first started Growing Wild Roots I had just birthed my daughter and left my career as a magazine staff writer. Now I enjoy writing about the things we continue to discover and the sustainability journey we’re on.

My husband contributes as well. Although he is my emotional, photography and tech support, he sometimes writes info-rich posts that you all seem to enjoy.

I hope you will find something to take with you from our corner of the internet.


Feel free to contact me with inquiries, opportunities, or just to introduce yourself.

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