These healthy popsicles for summer are all sugar-free and made with natural super-nutritious ingredients.

Summer Bucket List of Healthy Popsicles

I have an outrageous weakness for frozen treats in the summer. It doesn’t really matter what kind of treat, as long as it’s cold and delicious. Ice pops are especially fun. However, I recently cut out processed sugar, which seriously limits the icy treats that I can buy. With temperatures rising I decided to create a bucket list of healthy popsicles that I can try out this summer. That way I can still keep cool with something from the freezer without actually spending the money or the health sacrifices to get there. Thanks to the bloggers who have allowed me […]

Kombucha Making Guide for Lazy Beginners. This step-by-step guide to kombucha tea gives a easy instructions for making a refreshing glass of this fermented tea.

Kombucha Making Guide for Lazy Beginners

I have been making kombucha tea for my family for several years now, and they’re still always excited to find a new batch in the fridge. It is cheap, healthy, and tasty, so making this drink a win-win-win.  I even find it’s a creative endeavour—with my vast variety of teas I can play with flavours. Some of the instructions you’ll find on making kombucha tea are full of complicated directions. Organic tea, filtered water, correct temperatures… If you put off starting until you have everything in place then you’re likely to miss out on lots of delicious probiotics. So I decided to write […]

Canning Tips for Beginners: What to Know to Get Started

The first time I did canning by myself was by accident. I really just wanted to make corn relish and mentioned it to my roommate. The translation: “Hint, hint. Help me make corn relish, k?” Turns out she had plans (selfish, right?), but she found me a recipe, verbally described the process, and imparted a bunch of her canning tips to my panicked ears. Then she left. I had made jams and pickles before, but always with the oversight of skilled friends. Being left with a bin of corn, a simple recipe, and a bunch of scary new information was intimidating. Still, I analyzed […]

Recipe: Red Lentil Egg Bake. This recipe is quick, easy, nutritious, and full of flavour. A great family dinner idea.

Recipe: Red Lentil Egg Bake

I love red lentils. They’re so easy to use as they cook quickly and don’t need soaking. They’re also a wonderfully healthy protein source full of fibre, B vitamins, and iron. This Red Lentil Egg Bake has the added benefit of using canned tomatoes and eggs, both nutritious ingredients that I generally have aplenty. I first made this Red Lentil Egg Bake when I was attending a dinner club with a theme of “protein.” When served with rice or naan and a spinach salad it provides a well-rounded meal. I’m not very good at recording recipes, but I was so pleased with this […]

Learn a simple method to make your own healthy beef bone broth.

Making a Simple Beef Bone Broth or Stock

We’ve been raising our own ethical beef since I was a little girl. When we process meat all our leftover bones used to be solely destined for dog treats. I now scavenge them for broth/stock. Thank you hipsters and paleo people. A quick note on broth vs. stock. The definitions aren’t exactly clear, and a lot of people use them interchangeably. To me bone broth means something you would serve up in a mug and sip on a cold day. Stock is a gelatinous substance that I use liberally in my cooking. This process can result in either—just adjust the […]

Ideas for delicious ways to use blackcurrants and links to simple and tasty recipes.

7 Ways to Use Blackcurrants

I love blackcurrants. I only know this because we have a couple bushes that were planted around the yard a number of years ago. Every summer I can happily stuff my face with these rich, tart berries by the handful. Thankfully, they’re also ridiculously healthy. This post contains affiliate links. A purchase through these links helps support GWR at no cost to you. Still, I have never done anything with blackcurrants besides, well, stand outside and eat them. In North America these types of berries are not commonly used, although there are no reasons why they shouldn’t be. I’ve decided this is […]

Coconut Cream of Carrot Soup. his smooth winter soup is packed full of flavour and nutrients.

Recipe: Coconut Cream of Carrot Soup

Over the winter we don’t get nearly as many fresh vegetables as we do the rest of the year. Besides what is canned, dried or frozen, we only have stored squash and root vegetables. However, even our carrots are starting to look a bit sprouted and sad at this point. With half a sack still unused, and a shortage of vegetables, I decided something delicious and carroty was in order. This resulting recipe was a huge hit! We ate it with fresh buttered bread for a fantastic winter meal. Coconut Cream of Carrot Soup 1/2 Cup coconut oil 1 Tbsp cumin seed […]

Coffee Caramel Creams

Recipe: Coffee Caramel Creams

I first made this recipe for a decadent desserts party that I attended. It was the perfect treat for such an occasion, but it was quite the process and time commitment to make. The results are very rich and flavourful. The caramel shards are a nice touch and they complement the smooth, sweet creams. While there is nothing simple about this recipe, I did use farm eggs, milk and cream and fair-trade organic coffee beans. This recipe is originally out of Food & Drink magazine, but the issue is 2003 and I can’t find it online. Coffee Caramel Creams 1 cup whole milk […]