A Simple Guide to Tying up Raspberries. This easy method can improve yields and ease of harvest.

A Simple Guide to Tying Up Raspberries

On our homestead we like to tie up raspberry canes after the snow is gone, but before the buds come out. We have had some debate around here about the value of tying up raspberries. It is a small time investment, but we have decided the benefits are worthwhile. Tying up raspberry canes keeps fruit off the ground, which means less rot or mildew waste. The berries also ripen more regularly. Perhaps the biggest benefit is improvement to the ease of harvesting. Picking raspberries is a labour intensive job. Having your canes spaced and held off the ground is helpful. It also means less scratches […]

Do you know how to calculate when to start seeds? Here's a comprehensive way to figure it all out.

How to Calculate When to Plant Seeds

You’ve poured over the seed catalogs and placed orders for cute little heirloom vegetables. The mail finally delivers the nice thick envelope. You have your up-cycled seed trays ready and a space cleared out by a sunny window. You, my friend, are a master gardener—protector of the environment and organic superhero. Now you just need to plant. This is the easy part of the process. Right? Getting started If you have seeds in their packets finding out the basic information that you need is actually quite simple. First, you will need to identify which seeds need to be started indoors. I order almost all my new […]

Establishing a Garden Plot: Building up the Beds

It can be overwhelming to start establishing a garden plot—it’s so tempting to throw some seeds in the ground and call it done. There is something to be said for a beautiful forest garden, however these require a lot of time, space, and strategy. I also personally like the option of permanent raised beds, but you better be committed to your garden’s layout before putting in that sort of infrastructure. Here are some details on how we establish our own personal plot. Some sharp and experienced homesteaders might recognize that some of the inspiration came from Jean-Martin Fortier. Both myself and my parents have […]

Vegetable Plants to Start Indoors

6 Vegetable Plants to Start Indoors

I know it’s not easy to get in the gardening head space while the ground is still freezing at night. However, some of the most staple veggies do need to be started indoors before they are transplanted outside. On our farm we are lucky to live in a fantastic four-season climate that allows us to grow basically anything that isn’t tropical (hardiness zone: 6A), but there are still seeds that should be planted inside. This also means that we can start eating from our garden early. Starting our own seeds is an easy, proactive way to save a lot of money on […]

Easy composting

Easiest Composting Method Ever

If you have a garden, you have to compost. That’s all there is to it. It is simply the easiest, cheapest, greenest, and most effective way to make your veggies thrive. On our homestead each garden has its own compost so that we don’t end up fighting over the finished product. There’s just never enough to go around! (Can you imagine fighting over cow poop? It’s not my proudest moment, but it has happened.) I know composting can be intimidating with words like microorganisms, nitrogen, alkaline, soil amendments, and teas—but it doesn’t have to be. You could buy a compost bin or tumbler, which is a small investment […]