About Kris, author and owner at Growing Wild Roots blog

About Kris

I’m the owner/writer here at Growing Wild Roots. I grew up on the agricultural outskirts of a small town, tucked in the mountains of British Columbia. The wild side of my own personality literally took me across the country and around the world. Eventually I met my best friend and husband-to-be here at home.

For a while we lived in the city where I wrote for magazines while my husband went to school. We now have our own family back on the farm and the dreams that come alongside. I never thought I’d settle down here, but roots run deeper than I realized. I’m still full of wanderlust, but for now I’m happiest raising my little girl to love the outdoors.

About Growing Wild Roots

This blog is a place to share about our adventures here on the farm. Our small acreage produces an over-abundance of bounty. We raise beef, ducks, chickens, dairy, sheep, and honey, along with virtually all the fruit/vegetables that we eat throughout the year.

My husband teaches, conducts farm experiments, and learns all he can about permaculture. My parents and grandparents established everything that is here and, while my parents are still the instigators, there are a variety of people who bring their skills and passions to this piece of paradise.  Personally, I putter about in the kitchen, read more than is useful, write, tag along to the farmers market, and mess around in the garden. BamBam, our baby girl, plays in the dirt, eats from the garden and runs around in cloth diapers. It’s a marvellous mess. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Feel free contact me with inquiries, opportunities, or just to introduce yourself.

Photo by Amanda Lee Photography