Why I don't use essential oils

Why I Don’t use Essential Oils (Yet)

I don’t use essential oils for the same reasons I didn’t watch Twilight. “What?” I hear you say. “But essential oils are wonderful and fragrant and good for you. Twilight is sparkly vampires and bad actresses and exploitation of teenage sexual insecurities.” That is true. But as I’ve started to search out, read, and follow more natural-living or homestead blogs, I’m realizing that loads of them write about or sell essential oils. Not only that, but over the last year they’ve started popping up all over my Facebook as consultants sell pricey diffusers and the hashtag #oilymom has become a thing. “But, […]

How we limit technology for our toddler

Why (and How) We Keep Technology From Our Toddler

We get different reactions to the idea that we don’t allow our one year old to have screen time. Younger people sometimes roll their eyes. Older adults who didn’t have to raise their kids with the added complication of limitless technology often cheer us on. The most thought-provoking response I had was when a single friend simply asked me, “Why?” My response was somewhat rambling. I cited the well-known recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which calls for no entertainment media under age two (the Canadian Pediatric Society suggests the same). However, I didn’t know that even those recommendations changed in 2016. The AAP has decided it […]

Coconut Cream of Carrot Soup. his smooth winter soup is packed full of flavour and nutrients.

Recipe: Coconut Cream of Carrot Soup

Over the winter we don’t get nearly as many fresh vegetables as we do the rest of the year. Besides what is canned, dried or frozen, we only have stored squash and root vegetables. However, even our carrots are starting to look a bit sprouted and sad at this point. With half a sack still unused, and a shortage of vegetables, I decided something delicious and carroty was in order. This resulting recipe was a huge hit! We ate it with fresh buttered bread for a fantastic winter meal. Coconut Cream of Carrot Soup 1/2 Cup coconut oil 1 Tbsp cumin seed […]

Why Homesteaders Need Winter

Why Homesteaders Need Seasons

I have always been a summertime kinda girl, but although I love the sun on my face and my bare feet in the grass I would never trade in our four seasons. We live in a temperate Canadian climate here, which means fresh springtimes, hot summer days, long autumns, and moderate winters. It’s a nearly perfect climate. Still, it’s easy to get antsy in January and February and forget it’s a much needed rest from the the business of the other seasons. Nonetheless, there’s something peaceful about the earth sleeping beneath its layer of snow, as if it also needs […]