Coffee Caramel Creams

Recipe: Coffee Caramel Creams

I first made this recipe for a decadent desserts party that I attended. It was the perfect treat for such an occasion, but it was quite the process and time commitment to make. The results are very rich and flavourful. The caramel shards are a nice touch and they complement the smooth, sweet creams. While there is nothing simple about this recipe, I did use farm eggs, milk and cream and fair-trade organic coffee beans. This recipe is originally out of Food & Drink magazine, but the issue is 2003 and I can’t find it online. Coffee Caramel Creams 1 cup whole milk […]

Live Where You Love

I live near the place I grew up. It makes a clichéd sort of sense—the farm kid who grew up, got married, started a family, and settled in down the road. There is a certain comfort, a cozy security to that thought. But in my case it’s not quite true. In almost every community, country or city I have ever stayed I have asked myself, “Can I see myself living here?” Also, my husband is from the big city. There are career opportunities and higher pay scales where he comes from. When we were first married we lived in between […]

Spend Less, Live More

Spend Less, Live More

Spend less than you earn. It’s a popular mantra, and for good reason. But I think many of us look at the (seemingly simple) equation and try to figure out how we can ramp up the earning variable.   I have never focused my life and goals on making as much money as I can. I certainly believe in finding a fulfilling career—which becomes more and more true as I get older—but I’ve spent most of my adult life reaching other goals. Now that I have Mr. M. and BamBam, my priorities are to invest as much as I can into my family. In […]

Roots Run Deep

My husband and I were married on the back of this property. Even then, we both knew we wanted to make this neighbourhood home, but we went on to start our life together in a nearby city. I was writing for lifestyle magazines and he was going to school. While I enjoyed the (somewhat) creative challenge of churning out articles along with talking to people from all walks of life, long hours in a bland cubicle beneath fluorescent lights did not feel like the life I was called to. When BamBam was born two and a half years later it was […]