Have a picky eater? Here are 7 habits we have to help our child become a healthy eater. Toddler snack idea and healthy meals. | 7 Reasons Why My Toddler Isn't a Picky Eater

7 Reasons Why My Toddler Isn’t a Picky Eater

Food is important to our family. We spend a lot of time growing it, preserving it, preparing it and, yes, eating it. When I had my daughter I knew I wanted joie de vivre to be a part of her existence in everything, including food. I want her to grow a strong and healthy body that can take her on all sorts of adventures. As she is a girl, I also know she will eventually face struggles with body image, which is something I want to help prepare her for. Consequently, I knew I didn’t want her to be a picky […]

These healthy popsicles for summer are all sugar-free and made with natural super-nutritious ingredients.

Summer Bucket List of Healthy Popsicles

I have an outrageous weakness for frozen treats in the summer. It doesn’t really matter what kind of treat, as long as it’s cold and delicious. Ice pops are especially fun. However, I recently cut out processed sugar, which seriously limits the icy treats that I can buy. With temperatures rising I decided to create a bucket list of healthy popsicles that I can try out this summer. That way I can still keep cool with something from the freezer without actually spending the money or the health sacrifices to get there. Thanks to the bloggers who have allowed me […]

Kombucha Making Guide for Lazy Beginners. This step-by-step guide to kombucha tea gives a easy instructions for making a refreshing glass of this fermented tea.

Kombucha Making Guide for Lazy Beginners

I have been making kombucha tea for my family for several years now, and they’re still always excited to find a new batch in the fridge. It is cheap, healthy, and tasty, so making this drink a win-win-win.  I even find it’s a creative endeavour—with my vast variety of teas I can play with flavours. Some of the instructions you’ll find on making kombucha tea are full of complicated directions. Organic tea, filtered water, correct temperatures… If you put off starting until you have everything in place then you’re likely to miss out on lots of delicious probiotics. So I decided to write […]

Canning Tips for Beginners: What to Know to Get Started

The first time I did canning by myself was by accident. I really just wanted to make corn relish and mentioned it to my roommate. The translation: “Hint, hint. Help me make corn relish, k?” Turns out she had plans (selfish, right?), but she found me a recipe, verbally described the process, and imparted a bunch of her canning tips to my panicked ears. Then she left. I had made jams and pickles before, but always with the oversight of skilled friends. Being left with a bin of corn, a simple recipe, and a bunch of scary new information was intimidating. Still, I analyzed […]

10 Real Benefits of Keeping Muscovy Ducks. Muscovies are a popular breed of ducks on the homestead. This post offers ways to maximize their potential.

10 Real Benefits of Keeping Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy Ducks can be found all over the world as domesticated waterfowl, and we’re ready to talk about what these birds are really good at. There are many great reasons for keeping Muscovy Ducks on the homestead, or as small backyard pets—although these reasons do not include maximizing on meat and egg production. If you missed it check out my previous post on the shortcomings of Muscovy ducks where I talk about this more. But let’s now discuss the benefits of having these birds around and how to maximize on their potential.   Pros of Keeping Muscovy Ducks  1. They […]

5 Reasons Muscovy Ducks May Not be Right for You. Why we no longer keep muscovies on the homestead. Pros and cons.

5 Reasons Muscovy Ducks May Not be Right for You

Muscovy ducks are often a top choice for many first-time duck owners as they are a well-known breed. They were among the first ducks that we kept here on our homestead. It is true there are some benefits to having muscovies on the farm (see 10 Real Benefits of Keeping Muscovy Ducks), but I wouldn’t keep these ducks again for meat or eggs. In fact, some would argue that they are not ducks at all! Their behaviour, egg incubation time, and feeding patterns are closer to most geese. Some Muscovy owners might not know the true numbers of raising these […]

Recipe: Red Lentil Egg Bake. This recipe is quick, easy, nutritious, and full of flavour. A great family dinner idea.

Recipe: Red Lentil Egg Bake

I love red lentils. They’re so easy to use as they cook quickly and don’t need soaking. They’re also a wonderfully healthy protein source full of fibre, B vitamins, and iron. This Red Lentil Egg Bake has the added benefit of using canned tomatoes and eggs, both nutritious ingredients that I generally have aplenty. I first made this Red Lentil Egg Bake when I was attending a dinner club with a theme of “protein.” When served with rice or naan and a spinach salad it provides a well-rounded meal. I’m not very good at recording recipes, but I was so pleased with this […]

11 Gorgeous Ideas for a Green Wedding. How to have a beautiful, fun, and sustainable celebration. These budget ideas will mean an ethical wedding.

11 Gorgeous Ideas for a Green Wedding

Shortly after we got engaged my husband and I decided we wanted our wedding to reflect our values. It was tempting to let our wedding be an exception to the way we try to live—after all, it’s a one-time event. That, though, is ultimately why we worked hard to have a green wedding. Making sustainable choices for our wedding was challenging at times, especially as we hosted a very low-cost celebration. However, it turned out that the green wedding choices we made often ended up being cheap-wedding choices. And not only was our wedding cheap and green—it was also beautiful. We weren’t perfect, of course, […]

A Simple Guide to Tying up Raspberries. This easy method can improve yields and ease of harvest.

A Simple Guide to Tying Up Raspberries

On our homestead we like to tie up raspberry canes after the snow is gone, but before the buds come out. We have had some debate around here about the value of tying up raspberries. It is a small time investment, but we have decided the benefits are worthwhile. Tying up raspberry canes keeps fruit off the ground, which means less rot or mildew waste. The berries also ripen more regularly. Perhaps the biggest benefit is improvement to the ease of harvesting. Picking raspberries is a labour intensive job. Having your canes spaced and held off the ground is helpful. It also means less scratches […]

How we honour the significance of Easter with ethical Easter chocolate.

Our Ethical Easter Chocolate Tradition

When we were married my husband and I realised we had the opportunity to create our own family traditions. We always honoured Easter as significant to our life and faith, and I certainly want to keep the solemness and joy of in the holiday. However, after our daughter joined our family I began to think more seriously about the importance of ethical Easter chocolate traditions. The chocolate industry has notoriously tried to keep its dark secrets. Still, consumers, need to grapple with the fact that chocolate is often grown by slave labour and/or unsustainable practices. Mainstream companies are often the worst offenders. I recommend […]