10 surprising reasons we have grown to enjoy having ducks on the homestead. | www.growingwildroots.com

10 Reasons to Keep Ducks on the Homestead

Over the past two years we have started to keep ducks on the homestead. We had always been chicken people—they’re a little more mainstream, but my husband wanted to try something new. While we still have chickens, ducks have become a valuable part of our farm. Here are ten reasons, as told by my husband, that we’ll be keeping the ducks around. 10 Reasons to Keep Ducks on the Homestead 1. Pest control Ducks have an insatiable appetite for bugs and grubs making them a great organic choice for pest control in the garden. They nose their bills through the top inch […]

A review of Pronounce Skincare and reasons you will want to use products with ingredients you can pronounce. | www.growingwildroots.com

Pronounce Organic Skincare {+US Giveaway}

How important is it to you that you can actually pronounce the ingredients in your skincare? When was the last time you checked out the ingredient list on your lotion, foundation, face wash? Ethoxylated Surfactants, Polyethylene Glycol, Oxybenzone, Benzophenone… what in the world are those ingredients?! Entering into a more natural way of living has changed how I view these ingredients. Once upon a time, I never even thought about the ingredients in my skincare products. I never realized what an impact they can have on my body or the environment. Take parabens for example. You can find parabens in […]

Using these 5 Happy Habits for Shopping at the Farmers Market can help make your visit both pleasant and successful.

5 Happy Habits for Shopping at a Farmers Market

As spring rolls on our little farm gears up in preparation for weekly farmers markets. Going to the market is one of my personal favourite tasks. I enjoy chatting with customers, sampling the fantastic wares from other stalls, and generally soaking in the atmosphere. The vast majority of all shoppers that I get to meet are enjoyable to interact with. However, some customers bring an attitude or approach that is particularly helpful during the busy market hours. Here are some of the ways that my favourite customers interact with their local market and its vendors. 5 Happy Habits for Shopping at a Farmers […]

A Gingham Giraffe and The Plaid Peach Shop—A Review and Giveaway

A Gingham Giraffe and The Plaid Peach Shop {+ Giveaway!}

Everyone I know is having babies at the moment. With lots of babies comes lots of baby showers, but I always struggle to find gifts that are both ethical and cute (because as unfortunate as it is, not everyone wants cloth diapers). Needless to say, I was excited to stumble across The Plaid Peach. This Etsy shop sells toys and children’s clothing that are hand crafted in the United States. Ruth, the owner of The Plaid Peach, originally created her first tiny baby vest from from a cherished plaid shirt that had belonged to her grandfather. An idea was born and today she specializes in creating lovable new items from […]

Cloth Diapers for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide | Everything you need to know to get started.

Cloth Diapers for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

When I first found out I was pregnant I knew we would use cloth diapers. My husband and I are keen to save both money and the environment, so being able to do both at once is an automatic win. Plus, I try to avoid chemicals like those in disposables. I’m the oldest of five, all of whom were in cloth, so I didn’t think I was intimidated by it. As I started reading up, however, I quickly realized that modern cloth is a whole other story. From brands to wash routines to all the different types, it was easy to get overwhelmed. […]

Building Garden Beds

Establishing a Garden Plot: Building up the Beds

How does your garden grow? It can be overwhelming to start establishing a garden plot—it’s so tempting to throw some seeds in the ground and call it done. There is something to be said for a beautiful forest garden, however these require a lot of time, space, and strategy. I also personally like the option of permanent raised beds, but you better be committed to your garden’s layout before putting in that sort of infrastructure. Here are some details on how we establish our own personal plot. Some sharp and experienced homesteaders might recognize that some of the inspiration came from Jean-Martin Fortier. Both […]

Learning to Use a Menstrual Cup

Learning to use a Menstrual Cup: First Impressions

This post contains affiliate links. Any purchase through these links will help me keep this site running at no extra cost to you. Thank you! More at my Disclosure. I’m not sure how I first became interested in using a menstrual cup. I didn’t personally know anyone who used one (well, I did. I just wasn’t aware of it at the time). I probably originally heard of it as some crunchy thing practiced by women who don’t shave their armpits. However, I’ve always hated every single thing about pads and tampons, and the more I read about cups (thanks internet), the more I […]

Vegetable Plants to Start Indoors

6 Vegetable Plants to Start Indoors

I know it’s not easy to get in the gardening head space while the ground is still freezing at night. However, some of the most staple veggies do need to be started indoors before they are transplanted outside. On our farm we are lucky to live in a fantastic four-season climate that allows us to grow basically anything that isn’t tropical (hardiness zone: 6A), but there are still seeds that should be planted inside. This also means that we can start eating from our garden early. Starting our own seeds is an easy, proactive way to save a lot of money on […]

Easy composting

Easiest Composting Method Ever

If you have a garden, you have to compost. That’s all there is to it. It is simply the easiest, cheapest, greenest, and most effective way to make your veggies thrive. On our homestead each garden has its own compost so that we don’t end up fighting over the finished product. There’s just never enough to go around! (Can you imagine fighting over cow poop? It’s not my proudest moment, but it has happened.) I know composting can be intimidating with words like microorganisms, nitrogen, alkaline, soil amendments, and teas—but it doesn’t have to be. You could buy a compost bin or tumbler, which is a small investment […]

5 Benefits of Living in the Forest

5 Benefits of Living in the Forest

We all know that spending time in the forest is good for our well being, right? Sure, it’s backed up by science, but that’s no surprise to those of us who have spent any time at all in the woods. It might be the colours, it might be the air, it might any combination of the theories that are out there, but regardless of what the studies say there’s no denying that it’s good for our soul. You can even pay for “forest therapy,” and the Japanese have a whole term for the activity of soaking in the forest (Shinrin-yoku, […]